Greetings from Las Vegas!
Gigum Music Publishing is a new demo project that features original music written by me and composed by some incredible artists, musicians, producers and co-writers. A very special thank you to all of the super talented session singers that have helped me bring these songs to life. Cheers!
Thanks for visiting!! Corey Schmidt, songwriter, corey.gigummusic@gmail.com.

The Ballads

R & B

Country Pop

Thank you.....

Stefan Moessle - Secret Sounds

Ashley Jana

Jordan Pruitt

Bunny Blake

Audrey Karrasch

Chris Hayman


Breana Marin

George Boussounis – Online Recording Masters

Chris Kirby / Kevin Nemith –Digital Street Studios

Emily Badillo

Candela Cibrian, Jessica Louise, Anna Cattoor

Jessica Karpov, Jennifer Dixon

Gigum Music Publishing

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